Final test report on Premier(c) Inlet air cooling units installed on Westinghouse 501B6 turbines at Nevada Power, Clark Generating Station.


     Nevada Power Company



 Date:                May 6, 1998

To:                     Whom it may concern

From:               Dale Stucki
            Plant Mechanical Engineer

Subject:            Gas Turbine inlet evaporative cooling
Authenticating Evaporative Cooling Effectiveness 

On April 29, 1998, a test to determine the overall evaporative cooling effectiveness was performed on the following equipment: 

            640,000 cfm replacement evaporative cooler and filter housing.  This unit was supplied to
Nevada Power Company, Clark Station, Unit #7, by Premier Industries, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona.  It is situated in Las Vegas, Nev. The cooler and filter housings replaced existing cooler/filter housings manufactured by Ecodyne Corporation.

The turbine is a Westinghouse, 501B-6, dual fuel  Econopac Model, rated new at 78 MW. 

            The evaporative cooler system is comprised of 4 separate modules, and was guaranteed to attain 95% effectiveness overall. The following are the results of the acceptance test. 

            Eastside            North attained              100.00% effectiveness
South attained                 96.72% effectiveness 

            Westside          North attained              100.00% effectiveness
South attained                 94.63% effectiveness 

The overall cooler effectiveness was accepted as 97.92%. 

Any questions, feel free to contact me,


Dale Stucki